Sunday, 24 May 2009

Torrevieja Hot Pens

Apologies for this being late but I have been busy with other things. I was not asked to do the report until midway through the meeting so there were no notes kept therefore these notes will be short and sweet.

This week's meeting was the first of the scheduled "Hot Pens" and 15 Members attended. ( More than was expected.)

The choice of topic was selected as -"swarming", "swarming over," or just "over".

As usual, after the allotted 10 minutes, each of the attendees read their compositions and again it was amazing how each of us had a different take on the subject matter. The various poems and short stories varied from bees and insects, breakdown of relationships, car thefts, football, limericks, the influx of foreigners to Spain and last, but by no means least, was Lisa's adventure story and although this was unfinished it was agreed that she should continue with this.

After the break, some members continued with readings.

Rosemary read an extract from her book and requested feedback. The members enjoyed it especially the dialogue which was thought to be good and precise.

Norma gave us a rendition of her story about a young girl student from Barbados who finds herself pregnant despite warnings from her aunt.

Glyn has rewritten Chapter 1 of his novel and everyone thought that this was better as it "fleshed out" the hero.

Brenda unusually for her had written a poem. This was a highly descriptive piece of her visit to Norway to see the Northern Lights.

There was no time for us to hear Maureen's item so she will kick off next week's meeting.

As I said earlier, short and sweet.

Ian C


  1. Thanks Ian better late than never and nothing wrong with short and sweet!

  2. Sorry I missed what was obviously a good session. Best wishes to Rosemary and Lorna! Sadly, I'll also miss this week's (tomorrow's!) session. I'd be interested to hear/read Lisa's adventure story when it's finished.