Thursday, 14 May 2009

Torrevieja Writers' Tales

This week 15 Members of the Writers' Circle attended the meeting. This week's hot topic(s) were, "The Less Said The Better", ( Our writings surely can't be that bad ), or "Changes". Prior to the actual readings of their work, there were several items of business to be conducted:

(1) The suggested date for a visit to see the eagles did not suit the majority of the attendees and it was decided to postpone until next year. It also had to be explained to Brenda that we would not be staying in the "Hotel California".

(2) It was agreed that we should subscribe to the "New Writer" magazine as this provided lots of information, tips and technical assistance to the aspiring writer. (Some of us more perspiring than aspiring with our writing )

(3) The workshop to be held on the 24th June is to be short story based using the Writing Magazine's competition topics for the months of September, October and November. The story should be no more than 1700 words and it would help, but NOT essential if members had something prepared on any of the topics.

And so the tales started.

Rob kicked off with a piece of fiction (most unusual for him!! See what I mean about perspiring?) entitled "Mediterranean Lady Seeks A Friend" about two individuals meeting through a website. Personally, I thought the guy should have just toured the roundabouts on the N332. There was lots of positive feedback and we all await the outcome to be revealed in the second part of the story.

Glyn as usual provided hilarious entertainment with his rendition of a poem entitled "Timbucktoo". I hope members didn't get the hump with this one. This was followed by an equally good tale called "Have a Drink On Me" and anyone feeling unwell should take care with any drinks offered to them.

Heinke, in her inimitable style, gave us all a most humourous way of determining whether or not she should go to Iceland; (the country not the store). I don't know if the pros outweighed the cons or not but it was certainly a novel way of arriving at a decision. Any decision!!

Brenda continued with an extract from her novel about "The Diaries" and family relationships.
Again some positive feedback here especially on the use of dialogue.


Brian took as his theme the topic "Less said etc." and gave us an interesting insight into the lives of the Marriott family and Edgar Wallace, the novelist. Brian's still not any further forward in determining why the famous lion was called "Wallace" but does it matter as the monologue was a roaring success.

Ian told the story, in verse, of a young man who leads the most mundane life, has no friends, is alone and finds only excitement in his dreams. Nik said it reminded him of the film "Stranger than Fiction". A number of members awaited Ian's usual twist in the tail. The twist was that there was no twist.

Ann B's story was untitled but told of life in Jamaica in 1974. Not the usual scenes of palms, coconuts and white beaches but the lawlessness of the gang culture and in particular the theft of a house. Yes, you did read it correctly - the theft of a house. Members gasped in disbelief at this fact. It was suggested to Ann that perhaps she should gather together a number of these anecdotes for future publication.

Jane wrote a story that morning on the topic "Changes" and especially lifestyle changes for her heroine and the family she helped. A lot was packed into this short piece and with a little polishing could be used for some magazine's 5 minute fiction.

Mary told of her trepidation at being asked last week to do a "Hot Pen". The piece of verse showed off Mary's poetic skills to perfection.

Cynthia gave a most illuminating reading with her piece entitled "Pets I Have Killed". This was a collection of anecdotes collected from friends and personal experience of the demise of their family pets. Each tale( or should that be tail?) got worse as the story went on. I don't think "Pet's World" staff magazine will publish this item.

Last, but by no means least, came Maureen with a piece of flash fact as opposted to fiction called "The Waterhole" and told of a giraffe's basic instinct to survive despite the threat of lions. Maureen read this item quite vividly that pictures were easily conjured up in all of our minds.

Yet again the subjects covered were diverse and interesting and I guess that's why we keep coming back for more.

Ian C

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  1. Great report Ian, but - will they come back for more Hot Pen?