Saturday, 9 May 2009

What's in a name?

As a fully paid up member of the now reformed LAGs section (aka late arrival girls) of our writing circle, I have been pondering possible acronyms and decided that our present name – the Torrevieja Writers’ Circle or TWC – is really rather boring.

Since we do so much more than merely write, how much more fun it would be to be known as the Torrevieja Writers And Talkers Society, for example – the TWATS

Or how about

Torrevieja Writers, Artists, Dancers, Dining and Lunching Elite, or TWADDLE?

Or Torrevieja Writers & Intellectual Talking Society – the TWITS?

Perhaps the TWITTERS - Torrevieja Intelligent, Terrifically Talented and Erudite Reading Society?

Or even Torrevieja Writers: Intellectually & Technologically Challenged, However, Eloquent & Refined Society – the TWITCHERS

Or maybe Torrevieja Writers, Eggheads, Readers and Poets – the TWERPS?

But now that we have entered the 21st century, we could call ourselves the

Brainy, Lovable Old Gaffers & Grandmas, Eggheads & Rakes – the BLOGGERS?

Who fancies a new name?



  1. Hola Maureen (AKA The acronym queen)
    I don't mind the idea of a name change so long as we don't end up being the:

    Torrevieja Authors Readers and TechnophobeS

  2. PS - We could become:


    (The babel fish translator is lots of fun!)


  3. No reason why the name can't be changed... especially since we haven't been meeting in Torrevieja for years (before my time!)