Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bombs, Brawls and the Bible

Although this week's meeting was a hot pen, 20 members still attended.

Nik presented a number of apologies from members and advised on several magazines recently received. One magazine that the group subscribes to, "Telling Tales", has folded and we hope to receive a refund of our subscription shortly.

Today's subject, chosen at random, was "Woman".

Chris's account of a bar room fracas and its effect on the remaining customers was quite compelling.

Anne F told of a woman's obsession to become an intellectual until she saw the light and settled for a more mundane routine.

Mary M's story of a woman shopper planting a bomb brought memories of Baghdad and Belfast.

Jane gave us a mild rant on a TV programme about woman giving birth to a child and the pressures under which the woman was put.

Pat's very short but very amusing poem about a female tennis superstar had everyone imagining Billie Jean King.

Alan's piece was a short history of woman in the Bible and the origin of their names.

Gerry told the story of an attempted street mugging where the victim was saved by a woman who had a black belt in judo.

Nan's effort was about family life and a conflict of conscience.

Stan related a nostalgic tale of a meeting a woman at the Palais de Danse. Very 50s/60s.
Autobographical? Nan says "No!"

Nik's tale was of a private detective being warned that he was about to be murdered. The warning came from the murderer's wife.

Maureen narrated a piece about a journey in South America and of a woman she encountered there.

Norma told the story of neighbours and in particular, Juanita and her outlook on life.

TJ started by apologising as his effort was about the chairman of a writer's circle and the choosing of the word "woman" as a hot pen. Sounded like inside information!

Glyn gave us a study of women from a man's point of view highlighting both their attributes and faults.

Heinke's usual "off-the-wall" narrative was about packaging and in particular a woman's effort to open a packet of firelighters.

Ian related what could be the opening of a longer piece about the discovery of a woman's body bricked up in the walls of a church partially destroyed in an earthquake.

Jenny gave us thoughts and regrets of being a woman.

Mary K's poem told of seeing a beautiful woman who turned out to be a drag queen.

Ann B's account of a TV interview with a sex change individual was most graphic and illuninating.

After these readings, there was still a little time left so Stan read a true story of his days working at the pits and in particular one of those incidents where there is a chance encounter with ...what? This was X-Files stuff.

As Norma will not be here next week, she told her very visual and true story of attending Buckingham Palace at her husband's investiture ceremony.

A really mixed bag of enjoyable contributions this week. But that's what you get from a hot pen.
- Ian