Sunday, 7 February 2010

Full House

This week's meeting was well patronised with 24 members in attendance.

Rob took the chair in the absence of Nik. Two main announcements were made the first being that Nik had had a manuscript accepted . The story is in the "adult" genre. The second announcement was made by Jerry in that a short story which he had read out a few weeks ago had been accepted for inclusion in "Frontier Tales".

Anne F read her woman's story which had a really good ending. It was suggested that she should try to have this published in some of the women's magazines in the UK.

Jerry gave us a piece of flash fiction with a rendition of "First Time". A story about a landscape artist.

Glyn continued his apprentices story and was up to his usual standard. A couple of tweaks were suggested which Glyn took an board.

Rita's contribution was a book review of "Three Cups of Tea", the story of an explorers effort to build schools in Afghanistan.

Brenda read out "Minerva's Story" which is the second diary of her novel. Some members suggested several changes whilst others felt it should remain as it was as the piece worked well.

Mary K's effort this week was a poem entitled "Sports Report" and was a synopsis of various sporting events and their participants which had taken place over the last week.

Ann B's poem called "Rain" was based on one of the themes suggested for this week.

Chris narrated an item called "No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" and was a report on a trip where to receive free gifts of a duvet and a cross, she and her husband had to endure a presentation outlining the benefits of a new medical machine.

Jane gave us a rant on her "favourite subject - Computers and IT. It turned out to be a rant on new technology in general and the style portrayed Jane's usual humourous style.

Pat was encouraged to read her piece which was the completion of last week's hot pen. This was a very clever item which incorporated a mixture of poetry and prose in an excellent, funny and very visionary piece of writing.

Douglas gave us a scene setter of his latest work "Patrol". He wondered not so much about the actual content but the atmosphere and tension he was trying to create. The comments were all favourable.

Phil read out an item "In Search Of The 10th Legion". This was a competition entry of 500 words based on the theme of a journey. It transpired that the hero wanted to be involved in the making of a film and was being cast as an extra. Dissolusionment with the movie industry quickly set in however.

Look forward to next week when we will be hearing from those who had no chance to read.

Ian C

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