Saturday, 20 February 2010

Brass Monkey Weather?

Just to remind everyone why we moved to Spain..... This is Gothenburg a couple of days ago. The front garden and carport are under that lot!

The other picture is the Peñon in Calpe on a lovely summery day. Mind you, it´s been a bit grey and desperate here, too, this last week. Roll on spring.

Wednesday saw diminished numbers but nonetheless 15 members turned up and a very pleasant meeting took place.

The day´s subject was to include the words: he signed the cheque and passed it to her.

Mary K
had written an interesting piece about a man who´s being blackmailed by the woman he´s been having an affair with. It ended with his decision to contact a hitman to kill her. It had possibilities, it was thought, perhaps as a longer story or even as a novel? To it, Mary!

All the other members had come along with their own subjects.

Glyn continued with his novel. He read about the football match where Ned leads his team mates to victory by using his staggering physical attributes to divert the attention of the opposing team´s player who is attempting to score the decisive penalty. Hilarious!

Chris J had written a rant about people who envy others. Would she ever be envious? Of course not!! Except for all those who go on cruises to places she´s never been, and who win the lottery.

Ann F first read out a 50-word story by her 12-year-old grandson published in a book called Mini Sagas ( very good it was, too) then read her own piece written in clipped sentences and present tense about a writer trying to get down to wrting but not having much success. Should be sent off to an appropriate publication, thought Nik.

Cynthia had written a poem about a choral group she belongs to, called Spangles. It was funny and I´d hoped to include some here but haven´t had it sent to me so she´ll have to include it herself when she next writes the blog.

Alan´s piece was a bit of a rant about the commercialism of St Valentine´s Day.

read half of a rewritten piece called Same Place, Another Time. Very good - we wanted him to go on but he said he´d finish next time.

Nan had done a story about a family coping with the grandfather having a heart attack.

Stan didn´t get round to reading his piece so he´ll start off next time.

By the way, info for those who weren´t there:
the car boot has gone the way of all flesh. Seemingly there were no appropriate licenses so the Guardia saw them off. No more quick perusals at break time , no more ponderings about buying meat pies or cheap books. Pity. I love car boots. Still, it was a lot quieter.
See you next week in a suitably quietly scholarly atmosphere.

Chris J


  1. Just wanted to recommend a new blog for writers I thought you might like

  2. This is a really cool site. I never thought about doing a blog for the writer's circle. Really cool. I'll keep reading.

  3. So the car boot got the boot, eh?

  4. Having had a look, I'd recommend cec murphy's blog, comment 1 above, as it's of interest to writers who should always be fighting against the passive voice.