Thursday, 15 April 2010

Alphabetically Speaking, It Was A Commodious Skull.

It was a cold and windy day.......
But despite the inclement weather (Wot! on the Coastas??) we had a lively gathering on Jane´s birthday ( eat your hearts out those who weren´t there - she brought CAKE!).

We celebrated Jane´s day and also gave a round of applause to Gerry for his "Highly Commended" story in the Flash 500 Competition.

Cynthia kicked off with a story about a shoplifter. Cynthia´s own professional experience through her work in the UK court system gave an interesting insight into the way an ordinary person, who is also a drug addict, tries to keep a normal life going despite the stress and compulsion of the habit.

Maureen gave us one of her travel pieces, this time from her cruise.It described, amongst other things, a visit to a Cultural Village, where a gruesome array of skulls was on display. As usual with her writing, very colourful and interesting.

Lisa, inspired by an intensive course in Spanish, had written a piece on the use of para and por.

Gerry gave us a rewrite of an earlier story which looks as if it will be a novel(?). Very much improved writing and a gripping read.

Jane wrote a short poem about going out to buy cat food and coming home with two sofas. As you do ........

Alan G, enraged and frustrated by the lack of service given by his TV company, had written a rant.

Alan W admitted, without a shred of regret or an ounce of shame, that he had been glued to the telly all week watching golf but would sharpen his quill for next week before he goes back to the UK (to play golf).

Chris, inspired by one of this week´s topics ( Who put the commode over there?), wrote a humorous poem involving what might be called a musical interlude.

Mary K´s offerring this week was a poem "Alphabetically Speaking" about a woman in hospital and her absent-minded husband.

Jenny´s poem "Jack the Lad" was a little longer than her usual ones but just as good.

Brenda read an episode of her novel where Belle , in the middle of moving, is blackmailed by Dave the cabby. Good dialogue.

Rita wrote a telling piece about the Costa Blanca`s free press and its many adverts.

Heather read a beautifully written story called " The Collector" ( the other topic of the week). It was a very creepy tale about a police photographer who gets his kicks from the crime scene photos he takes. It should definitely be sent to a mag for publication.

John read us a piece he is going to send to his tutor at the Open University as part of the Creative Writing course he is doing. It was about his father and family. Really interesting. (Give him an A+ , Teacher!!)

Incidentally, for those who were absent, Jane´s cakes ( not just one, losers!) were mixed fruit, ginger and lemon. Just thought I´d let you know what you missed.....

Thus ended yet another great Wednesday morning.

Chris J

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  1. And I am a professional cake eater! I had my head stuck in up a water heater, just making a change from the oven.