Sunday, 11 April 2010


I have given this week's blog the title of "Nostalgia" as a number of the contributions were a trip down memory lane. Attendance was slightly down at 16 members but this did not detract from the quality of submissions.

The suggested theme was "As Darkness Was Falling".

Nik started proceedings with an excerpt from his book about a Vigilante in UK. This was not the usual Death Wish type offering but more subtle and was well received by the group.

Rob had a senior moment and although he had written something had forgotten to print it off.

Glyn continued his army apprentice's story detailing the effects of some appearing on parade. Again this was enjoyed but it was suggested that he may make more of the use of the senses and that perhaps some items of speech might be too long.

Brenda read an excerpt from "The Diaries" focussing on Belle's impending move and how she found solace in her garden. One or two suggestions were made here including changing the venue for speaking with the estate agent and the use of the gardener in the story. Brenda was reminded that although her book was based on experiences it was a fictional work.

Douglas gave us another part of his fictitous FBI agent. While it was agreed that the concept was good it was pointed out that the story needed more description and that some parts may need to be revised as it appeared illogical.

Stan started off the nostalgia with his rembrances of the miners' strike and of the effects they had on local communities. This was a very well balanced piece detailing the suffering that people had gone through yet had survived and in some cases prospered after the mines had closed.

Nan had written a story on this week's theme about a group of scouts out camping and involved with four mysterious men invading the camp. It will be interesting to see how the story develops and wil be even better with some prudent editing. We'll have to wait though as Nan and Stan are away for a few weeks!

Mary K gave us a very upbeat message in the form of a poem entitled "With A Song In My Heart". This should be sent out to Yours or People's Friend.

Mary S told a true tale of her family life in "The Allotment". When she had finished reading it was interesting to hear the group relate to her memories. Try sending this to Yours, Mary!

Ann B's offering was a poem that is surely every woman's wish: "Dropping A Dress Size". I wonder if transvestites and cross dressers feel the same.

Chris rounded up the meeting with her recollections of a recent holiday in Salou which was ruined by a group of students from a British university. Their behaviour was so outrageous it was reported in the Spanish national press and TV. There were some humorous moments however especially the incident in the lift where conversation had to be made by the occupants rather than make the journey in silence. I think we could all relate to that.

Looking forward to next week's meeting.

Ian C

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