Monday, 26 April 2010

Que Sera Sera

NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger has changed how to put pictures on the Blog and since I can´t work out yet how to do it, since I don´t have Picasa, this will be a piccy-free zone when I do the Blog until such time as the penny drops.

The subject most written about was as you see in the title.( Pieces on this from John, Mary K and Cynthia)

John wrote a story in screenplay form between a mum trying to feed a pooing baby and at the same time talk to her 7-year old son. Shades of Joyce Grenfell, thought some.

Mary K wrote a poem on the theme which urged us to "Live for now and see what Life holds"

Cynthia`s poem was on the same theme based on being stranded because of the Iceland volcanic eruption.
"Can´t go home because of the lava
Sit in the sun and open some cava."

Alan treated us to a diatribe on clothes sense, which was delivered in his usual dry, amusing style.

Brenda carried on with her novel, this time being the second half of Minerva´s diary. Vey good dialogue.

Heather tried out (successfully) a flash fiction piece called "Waterfall", which turned on the card trick of making a waterfall of the playing cards. Neat!

Douglas surprised us all with a dialogue (read by himself and Maureen). It seemed to be heavily suggestive until the last line. Well done, Douglas!

Maureen´s piece was musings about travel and whether it´s a waste of time or not.

Jenny´s piece touched on the travel chaos caused by the Iceland volcano and wondered which bright spark had chosen Madrid as the hub for all stranded travellers since one often comes up against the shoulder shrug here as the commonest reaction to a request for information.

Gerry gave us a story about a plane crash but it was felt that the dream ending should be scrapped and an alternative found, since the piece was good otherwise and warranted the work required.

wrote a piece about a company in Sweden specialising in chairs, music stands and items in general for choirs and orchestras. ( if you´d like to read the piece, see her blog
"Chris on the Costa" - Link on the right hand side.)

So ended another good meeting, this week under the guidance of the Deputy Chair Rob.

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  1. Yes good old Google have added more function and options but rest assured photos are still an option. Normal service will be resumed next week.