Thursday, 10 June 2010

Language, Lads, Love and Life

17 Members attended this weeks meeting And Robb performed the role of chairman.

Attention was drawn to the link to Mslexia which is a competition for women poets. Why not look and have a go all you lady poets in the group?

This week's themes were "Traffic" and "Just Looking".

Lisa started the ball rolling with a piece entitled "Voip" which dealt with how people meet using new technology and how it has introduced new words into our language. The piece was part fiction/part true.

Maureen, unusual for her, had written a poem called "Inspiration". This was her second attempt at writing poetry and was very good. Perhaps she will be inspired to write more. Have a look at the Mslexia site !!

Alan told a tale of "Tuesday Evenings Entertainment" for four lads whose interests were cars, music and girls. Not necessarily in that order. This took the members back to the swinging 60's and recollections came thick and fast. We are still waiting to find out which one of the lads was Alan.

Brenda gave us a rewritten piece from her "Diaries" novel in which she introduced a new character who will play a significant role in the life of Belle.

Mary K's contribution was called "It's Unbearable". This was a version of "Love Story" meets "Toy Story" with the hero and heroine named Fred Bear and Fairy Nuff.

Ann's effort was an extract from her diary following her recent visit to the UK.The culmination of the event was her return journey seated beside an apparently demonic, manic young woman who frightened the life out of Ann. It's a true saying- you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your fellow passengers.

Chris gave us two offerings of poems on this week's themes. The first, "Traffic", members found rather sad while the second, "Just Looking", members could relate to as to the attitude of shop assistants.

Gerry contiued his western story of the shot cowboy being found and cared for by Indians. Several anomalies were pointed out to him as being illogical and alternatives suggested.

Christina's poem related her experiences of an all ladies outing to "The Derby" and how she never saw a live race yet. It was suggested that with the amount of alcohol on the coach perhaps the ladies were lucky to see anything.

Mary M's piece was extremely well received as it told the tale of a road. What was unusual about this was the fact that the narrative was done by the road itself.

Nan gave us a look at her life in her poem "The Things I Love To Do". Again this was a well written piece and could possibly be submitted to a competition. Have a look at Mslexia!!

Stan kept up with his nostalgic theme and took us back to the days when goods were delivered by horse and cart, women used Oxydol to do their washing and children played with spinning tops and skipping ropes.
Ahhhh- Those were the days my friends!!!

Ian C

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