Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Rain in Spain.

It´s mid-June and it should be boiling hot but today saw the third day in a row of violent rain which, at times, rivalled the Gota Fria we see in the autumn. It´s been bad up north with horrendous flooding but the Costa Blanca has been spared until just now. It´s decidedly cool (especially after the temperatures of 30 degrees only a week ago) . What´s going on? I didn´t come down here for this!

We were about 20 at today´s meeting, trying to hear and make ourselves heard above the noise of the rain outside.Nik was still off on visitor watch (Poor devils! They probably think they got off the plane at the wrong airport!), so Rob did another sterling turn at the helm. Two newbies turned up today. John Major ( sorry John, Edwina wasn´t here today) and Michael White, who unwittingly revealed computer skills and was immediately surrounded by those of us who are computer witless.

The themes for today were Recycling and Moving.

Gerry wrote a serious (and seriously good) piece, bemoaning the fact that your average bod doesn´t really care that the Earth´s closed system is being over-exploited and its resources run down.

Chris wrote a mild rant on how language and fashion is recycled from its original form to something it should perhaps never be.

Brenda continued reading her novel but the subject today coincided with the theme Moving.

Two members then followed with true stories.

Douglas´s was topical, being about the final of the World Cup in 1966. Really interesting , even for somebody as glazed over about footie as I am.

John McGregor´s piece Chequemate/Checkmate(?) related his experience from 1977 when he thought he´d been robbed but wasn´t.

Glyn continued his army tale with a very chilling description of the bullying of a young cadet. Very well written.

Mary K´s poem, Minus One, was a piece of advice to somebody who has recently lost their partner.

Anne B had begun a poem on the matches of the World Cup, which is a work in progress.The lines she has already written bode well:

Come on England! Don´t be plonkers!
Green´s missed goal has sent us bonkers!

Michael (newbie) wrote a very gripping piece which he needed (and got) feedback on. It was about extra terrestrial stones which could help the World´s energy problem. He´d written it as a short story but had had a feeling that it could be developed into something longer. The members agreed and suggestions as to how this could be done were given.

Finally, Alan read a piece about a trainee sales rep and his rise in his company. Could be altered and developed, it was thought.

Chris´s comfort eating sop to herself on yet another birthday were offerred to the assembled Writers at breaktime in the form of biccies from Aldi and helped everyone to get over the day´s weather shock.

Another pleasant meeting was had by all.

Chris J

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