Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Life's Ups and Downs

This week 19 Members were in attendance.

Nick advised that he had been successful in having his manuscript about his vigilante hero accepted for publication. He also apologised for his absence for th next two weeks.

John was the first to read and gave us a story of experience on a Human Relations Course and the competition between the participants. This was very interesting with a good flow. It was pointed out that it required editing and a number of techniques were suggested.

Douglas gave us a family story about attendance at a wrong funeral. Well I suppose that's life !!
Members thought that the concept was good but that it required more description and logic.

Chris's poem was entitled "Disappointment". This was well received with good use of words and rhyme. Most members could empathise? or sympathise? with the sentiments expressed.

Mary S had written a story about a family day out to the beach. This was a well told tale of casual observations on peoples' conduct on the beach. There was not a member there who could not say that they had had a similar experience.

Mary K's offering was of "Temptarion". Not literally!! This was a piece about cream cakes and diets. Remember the season everyone. Swim trunks and Bikinis !!

Glyn provided another insight to army life with an episode of his apprentice soldier story. This dealt with the "recreational" side of sailing and the conduct of several of the participants could only be described as "sailing close to the wind".

Stan gave us a nostalgic recollection of a trip he made to Moscow with his son many years ago. This was a highly descriptive piece of the city and its citizens and after editing and polishing should be submitted gor publication.

Brenda has done some editing of her novel and re-read the first chapter. This was considered to be an improvement. It was suggested that the use of swearing could be toned down not in the speech as this gave it authenticity but in the general narrative.

Ian C

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