Wednesday, 19 October 2011


There were 21 attending the meeting today.; Ian opened the meeting by repeating that he had not had a lot of feedback about the proposed day out and the consensus was we ought to make a decision asap. It was suggested that we took a day trip to Alcala de Jucar on Satruday 5th November and Ian said he would send emails to all members for those wishing to attend. We also discussed the Christmas lunch which provisionally would be held at the; Olympia on 21st December.

John Edwards suggested that our next weeks meeting should; follow the lines of a poetry regime set out in the writers magazine but the feeling was we would stick to the scheduled subject of hot pen as Ian pointed out that we do have a poetry challenge coming up. Henke brought a Guardian supplement for the members which gave hints on fiction writing. We then began the readings.

Ian wrote a piece called The Move which was very topical in the light of recent news events. It concerned the feeling of a family of travellers who were in the process of accepting the keys to a council property and forsaking the life style of their clan. It focussed on the feelings of the eldest boy as he looked around the campsite regretting his parents decision to separate from their traditional way of life. It really was a beautifully written piece.

Iarla read a thought provoking blank verse entitled Men I Know. Although blank verse doesn't float my boat Iarla, I actually thought it rather splendid. Margaret wrote on the theme Roller Coaster about three old Polish gentlemen visiting an amusement park for the first tiime and going on the black hole ride. The dialogue between the three was priceless. Great stuff.

Kath also wrote on the theme describing in great detail her memories of an amusement park on Barry Island which she visited with her brother as a child. You could almost smell the popcorn and candy floss.

Mary wrote part 1 of a proposed short story about Siobhan who sets off from Milton Keyes bus station on a tour of Ireland. She finds she is the only single passenger and notices the manly charms of the driver In the last line of todays reading Mr Wonderful has just approached her. Watch this space.

Cynthia wrote a poem describing a feeling of mayhem with mothers coping with crying children and then in the last line revealed that it was all happening whilst a vicar/priest delivered his sermon. That rang some bellls, I always lost the plot during some long boring sermons.

Maureen read a few short pieces on border crossings as she is compiling some accounts of her experiences durring her many travels. I particularly like the description of willies place on the Brazil/Bolivian border.

Douglas read a terrific piece called A Pirate Saved My Son. It was written from the point of view of an army wife cauught up in inter denominational riots in Singapore when one of her children has an accident and splits his tongue and the only good samaritan to offer to break the curfew and drive to the hospital is an
Indian unlicensed taxi driver when help is refused by her fellow counrtymen. There was no payment sought either, it made you think.

Mary K wrote a small poem entitled Life and it wasn't a limerick. What can I say.

Avril wrote a poem about the ride Space Mountain in Disneyland which drew similarities between the actual reach for the skies of the ride and ones inspiration to do better in life.

Anne G wrote about her roller coaster of feelings the day she misplaced her handbag, which ended when she heard her mobile pleading for a recharge and discovered she had left it outside all night. Who's a lucky girl then. I may add that I'm preparing for the funny farm.

Jenny read another of her telling poems on last weeks theme of conversation piece, entitled Chat Up with a short and sweet sign off advising the would be Romeo
where to go. Priceless.
. ttfn all,see you next week Anne G .

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