Monday, 3 October 2011

28th September 2011

 John McGregor gave us an account of his book promotion events in the UK. ’Fairy Tales of an SAC.’  He enjoyed the experience and we enjoyed his account.  Well done John. Congratulations!

Jayne had heard from Ann who is in the UK at the moment enjoying her new grandmother status.

John Edwards had emailed T S Eliot prize article for information and possible discussion for the group.

Ian had received a short prologue from Brenda and we agreed to do this after the break.  Ian also has guidelines for critiques and is happy to email them if you ask him.

Rita Revealed her piece on the pre 1945 ‘Masks of Gebson’ she had the privilege to see in the Museó Barbier Mullor in Geneva.  She described the ornate masks in detail, their uses and significance.  Received well.

Douglas gave us a short story called ‘The Status Symbol’. The shopping trip that turned into a Palm Beach boast.  It ended with a well deserved put down.  Another entertaining piece, followed by ‘Painting the House’, not so much a put down, more of a pour over of paint on Douglas.  He glossed over (aagh) the inconvenience, but wait for the remedy! Eucalyptus oil.  We all took away that little gem Douglas.  Thank you.

Cathy wrote on the theme ‘Will She Ever Shut Up’  A Bahamas holiday and a wearing experience for fellow travellers.  The ‘Pumpkin’ who can’t dive until Jaws appears.  Cathy was advised to look at content length and chronology of events.  Some minor details needed change, but the story was entertaining.

Betty – a story called ‘What’s in a name’ a precious child naming. Some disagreement within the group regarding repetition of the name Fleur.  Some thought it fitting and appropriate, but some members did not.  It was agreed that repetition of “at the age of” was unnecessary.  Some vocabulary was thought to be inappropriate in this particular story.

John McGregor read the sad account of ‘Rod West’, a loveable rogue with a staggering limp. Sadly lost to drink, despite the offer from comrades.  Clichés  were discussed but thought appropriate in this case.  A moral to the tale might be appropriate.  Drink driving is not a good mix.

The second half of the meeting was dedicated to Brenda’s prologue ‘Dead Trees’. We all had access to a copy made remarks on the script to hand back.  Discussion covered; use of tense, use of apostrophe, use of ‘un’ in last two paragraphs, exclamation marks and double adjectives.  Most people thought it worked as a prologue.

Just enough time for a couple of gems from Chris and Avril.

 Chris shared her ‘Secret of my Lack of Success’ empathy all round.

Avril’s ‘Coming Back’ poem reminded all of the beautiful familiar return to Spain.



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