Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Basic Plots

There are many versions of how many basic plots are there - some say 7, whilst others say 6:

Character v. Character refers to a conflict between two or more people, such as classic Protagonist vs. Antagonist.

Character v. Nature is most often seen in natural disaster stories involving storms, earthquakes, being lost in the wilderness and the like.

Character v. Self is characterised by a conflict in which the main character is battling an internal struggle with his/herself.

Character v. Supernatural involves a conflict between a character and unexplained, supernatural or typically unbelievable phenomena, like vampires, little green men from Mars, ghosts and such.

Character v. Society is much what it sounds like – the protagonist is at odds or at war with the rest of society. People often include Character v. Machine, which is a conflict between a protagonist and a mechanical threat, into this same category.

Character v. Destiny is a theme in which a character struggles to change their destiny and not become a victim of their own predetermined fate.

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Which cateogory does your latest story fall into? Or have you discovered a new one? 


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