Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hunky monkeys and raging bulls, not to mention ferrets under a blanket

Twenty three people attended today’s meeting. Anne Potter, one of the instigators of the Torrevieja Writers' Circle about 10 years ago attended. Anne F told us about sending an email to Michael Winner in response to his avowed intention to leave his house to the nation, saying that she was changing her name to T.H.E. Nation and to please remember her when he was updating his will. He printed her comments in his column. Nik read out his review of Heinke’s book, which stated that it was written with a surreal eye and was a truly original travel book. It can be purchased via Amazon or more cheaply through Heinke. Nik mooted the possibility of producing an anthology of the circle’s work through Lulu.

Alan G read out a short piece on the subject ‘Are we there yet?’ about him and a mate going out for the day to Weston Supermare.

Glyn continued his story, this week concerning Sheree the lady who works in the NAAFI and the apprentices’ attempt to impress her with their intelligence. Their main purpose in talking to her was to look at the wondrous sight of her heaving chest. As she walked away they watched her rear saying ’You could crack walnuts with that!’ The juke box was playing ‘Poetry in Motion' by Johnny Tillotson, which summed up their thoughts on Sheree. Very amusing as usual! We wondered how Sheree knew that the boys were watching her rear, as she couldn’t see it, and Heinke said “Maybe her cheeks were burning.” This punnitis is catching! I wonder if you can get tablets for it.

Brenda continued the part of her story about the second diary and Belle’s search for Minerva. Belle asked her older sister if she had heard of Minerva and discovered that her sister had had a mastectomy. She went to visit her and was impressed by her sister’s courage. Brenda received some good advice on how to improve the story.

Ian had written a short poem about colours, instigated by the redecorating he was doing at home. It was a clever mix of colours and emotions.

Mary K read out a story she was considering sending to People’s Friend, following the guidelines they require. It was about a lady going to work in a café near the beach. A man comes to the beach every day looking for his wife who drowned in the sea. She plucks up courage to speak to him and tells him how she used to be sad but now enjoys her work in the café. The next day he comes into the café and says “What time do you finish work?” It was thought that as there was scope for quite a few more words, there was room for a little more dialogue early on in the story.

TJ read out his article that has been printed on the blog of the Inland Magazine. It was a clever story connecting Ernest Hemingway, bull running at Pamplona and Sally the Satnav. TJ had set his satnav to remind him where hotels were by a tone mooing like a cow. It culminated in him following the bulls with his girlfriend in the car beside him, and the satnav calling out ‘moo’ and him thinking that the bulls were coming back to get him. He never knew there were so many hotels in Pamplona!

Pat read out a poem about Pussy Willow chasing after Hunky Monkey (don‘t ask!), finding Hunky Monkey in a caress with Wilma, a fire starting and her ending up in the arms of a fireman. Ooh I love a man in a uniform!

Douglas continued his story, which turns out to be something to do with nuclear clean energy. Kaplinsky arrives at an office building that says SCIENCE on the door. Dr Lester Brook, who he is giving the info to, turns out to be blind. Later on the security man looks at the tapes and sees 2 lab assistants leaving the room and going to the accommodation block. Dr Brook needs to be found. We await the next installment. It was thought that Douglas cleverly gave out information leading to the reader’s realisation that Dr Brook was a blind lady.

Another good meeting finished with a few people left over to read next week. Let’s hope it is enough to prevent us having a lot of time for hot pen!


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  1. I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have looked at our site. I am VERY impressed and 'the minutes' are a delight to read. They are much appreciated.
    I will be logging on much more!
    Rosemary Westwell