Thursday, 4 March 2010

Prepositions,Plans,Planes,Parties and Pampering

I think the title for this week's blog just about covers the range of subjects tackled by the members. If it doesn't, then I apologise although I am sure we could find some link albeit tenuous.

There were eventually 23 in attendance increased to 25 by the introduction of possibly 2 new members, John McGregor and Graham Strachan. It's good to see an increase in the numbers of men attending as this brings a balance to the group.

Nik announced that he had sold his 4th western book to Robert Hale.

Consideration may be required to be given to increasing charges as funds continued to diminish.

TJ has a new mobile telephone number and members should amend their lists accordingly.

This week's suggested subjects were: "Are We There Yet?" or No. 52 Bus.

Glyn had 2 short pieces to read out. The first was a humorous item on prepositions and participles and their use, or not, as the case may be as they could cause confusion. His second reading was even more hilarious as this dealt with the nations of the world's attitudes to war/terrorists threats. No nation was spared. It also reminded me of the poster, "BE ALERT!" then someone had written underneath, "YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS LERTS!".

Mary M gave us a sad tale of an aunt awaiting the arrival of her niece, whom she had not seen for many years, at the airport only for the aircraft to crash into the sea and the aunt left there alone.
This gave thought to those who find themselves in a similar situation as everyone concentrates on the victims but what of those who are left waiting and wondering.

Ian's poem was based on the subject "Are We There?" and dealt with the frustration/annoyance of a father at his twin offspring on a car journey.

Newcomer Graham detailed a very well observed piece about a man ( Graham?) accompanying his wife shopping and it being a no win situation. I'm sure all the men present were able to empathise with the feelings expressed.

Jenny provided an insight to TJ's housewarming party held last Friday where the food was scrumptious, the booze flowed freely and the conversation may have led to outsiders considering that those attending were all arty, farty. Surely not?

Douglas had rewritten his short story about a bungled robbery. This was based on personal experience and while well written it was suggested that he had to divorce himself more from it to be a piece of fiction.

Mary K's poem "A Sinking Ship" was a rant at the expats who for no good reason, were returning to the UK. The sting in the tail was that these people had never grasped the language. An opportunity to rhyme expats and rats was missed despite the poem's title.

Anne F told the tale, in her own inimatable style, of "Creative Time Wasting" and pampering herself. This was a very visual piece of writing and no doubt many on hearing its various elements could sympathise.

Chris gave us "A DIY Experience" or "Flat Pack Hell" which everyone has experienced. Pieces missing, unfathomable diagrams and sheer frustration. IKEA take note!!! Still every cloud has a siver lining and the inevitable domestic dispute means that partners do not need to talk for several days.

Jane also took this week's subject "Are We There Yet?" to tell her tale of the narrator's mother suffering from dementia and the trials and tribulations that this disease causes when it strikes. Everyone thought this a poignant story with good use of imagination. It should be pointed out that this was NOT autobiographical.

Alan's item was a story called "The Best Laid Plan" and told of two families brought together by unscrupulous scheming. The families however are at war with each other leading to the deaths of two young lovers. Undertones of Romeo & Juliet here.

Stan's short story was about an abduction told in his own style. Stan's regional accent always gives the story life.

Last, but by no means least, our other newcomer, John, gave us a piece entitled, "Gordon Is A Moron" and told the tale of two couples having an evening out together where the conversation between the two men, meeting for the first time, is somewhat stilted and lacklustre due to Gordon's attitude. The twist to the story is that Gordon's career is based in customer relations.
Again some of us there have possibly been in a similar situation and have come away thinking that "Gordon" is a moron.

That's it for this week. Hope you all enjoyed the meeting and to the two newcomers we hope to see you back.

Ian C

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  1. Preponderantly pleasingly alliterative title, Ian. Thanks for a helpful overview.