Thursday, 18 March 2010

Soldiering On Through Last Night´s Dream.

Heinke Woodbridge (pictured peering out from behind her front door) has at last had her book "Camping With Wolves" published! Congrats Heinke. Have a copy at my bedside and will begin reading anon.

The other pictures are supposed cleverly to represent the themes for this week, which were "Soldiering On" and "My Dream Last Night. Not that we are expected or obliged to write based on the weekly subjects but it can help when you´re desperate for inspiration.

Cynthia wrote on the "Soldiering On" theme. It was a very moving piece about a war widow of today who is treated with heartless indifference by the military authorities following her husband´s death on duty in Afghanistan.

Chris´"Soldiering On" described people growing older and carrying on in the face of disappointment and disillusionment.

John´s poem "Prime Cut" described a dying soldier in Afghanistan. Very good, it was thought.

The dream theme was tackled by:

who wrote a poem in short, breathless phrases, which was more a nightmare than a dream. Made you get goosebumps.


Nan, who wrote about a man whose invention of a pill to replace food caused more trouble than he´d expected. Everyone felt that, although it needed to be worked on and altered, it was an interesting and important theme and Nan was encouraged to go back to the drawing board.

The other members wrote on different subjects.

Glyn continued his army apprentices saga featuring Pauline of the lazy eye, whose tears ran down her shoulder when she cried, and the diverse accents of the group of lads. As usual, hilarious.

Alan G gave us another episode in the life of Spike the dog, describing his relationship with the local slapper bitch, Mabel, and the love of his life, Mandy (a spaniel, I think?). Very funny.

Lisa had written a beautiful piece about a woman who has had cancer meeting her daughter and grandchild for a picnic.

Mary S and Mary K have become confused in my notes ( Sorry Ladies!!) so I´m not sure who did what. One wrote a poem called "Woman of the World" and the other wrote a short eulogy to Heinke on publication of her book, called "Tall Story" about two giraffes dancing the Tango.

With his unerring ability to make a groan-like joke, Nik remarked " You´ve got a neck".
( A pause for a collective slow handclap and hiss....)

Stan gave us a spot-on nostalgia piece where a grandad, talking about how he met his wife, describes Teddy Boy attire, DA hairstyles and the local dance.

Douglas had us all wanting to hear more with his private eye tale - to be continued next week.

A good meeting.

Chris J


  1. Yes well done Heinke for more see here

  2. Regarding my book - had this review from TJ Miles:
    CAMPING WITH WOLVES - Heinke Pauly
    Heinke Pauly, born in Germany, has led a colourful and somewhat surreal life which is reflected in her humorous writings. After stints living in Manchester, the Hebrides and Edinburgh, she found herself in Spain a few years ago and has been writing ever since. Her book is based on a travelling and camping adventure across Spain retracing the footsteps of a dead poet that she had fallen madly in love with. The poet was Laurie Lee and the seminal work that turned her head to mush was ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’. What follows is an hilarious escapade of her adventures and misadventures along the route. She has a wonderful way of drawing the reader into her odd, offbeat world. From cultivating a tortoise on her upper lip and having semi-lucid conversations with her dog Misty Blue, to spending her nights with Messrs. Whyte and Mackay, peeing up trees and sitting in toilet blocks in empty campsites playing her electric organ and singing at the top of her voice, she lives the free life of a funky-monkey grandmother on the run. Ignore the printing errors (publisher‘s fault not the author’s) and you have a rollercoaster journey through the strange and colourful kaleidoscopic domain of Ms Pauly.