Thursday, 12 August 2010

Diaries, Dilemmas, Wars & Words

Attendance was still good this week with 14 members appearing.

There were little or no announcements and it was therefore straight into readings.

Gerry told oa story of a GI coming back from the war in the Pacific to find his sweetheart had fallen in love with another man.Outraged, the soldier shoots his rival before committing suicide. Various suggestions were made as to possible alternative endings. Gerry pointed out that his inspiration had come from listening to Glenn Miller.

John McGillvary read a poem entitled "Home From Home" using the minimum amount of words to indicate a possible story line. It was then left to the reader/listener to flesh out the story for themselves.

Nik gave us the opening chapter of his next western "Old Guns". A number of points were raised an answered
along with various suggestions with regard to the characters.

John Mcgregor told a sad tale entitled "Icarus" about friendship and rivalry where the friends drift apart. This was a well told story with good comparisons.

Maureen read a re-worked item on her travels in India and in particular a tiger safari. Extremely atmospheric one or two comments were made before she submits it to the publication "Riviera Women".

Brenda continued with her story of "The Diaries" dealing with Belle leaving Richard. Comments were made about the changes in emotions of the characters which did not seem to ring true.

Mary K used this week's subject "Lets sit somewhere more comfortable" for her poem about writing. Tongue in cheek it was suggested that she could make a fortune writing about not writing

Moichael's piece"It Pays To Be Frank" was about a man who could do anything and perfectly. When questioned the person telling of Frank. was married to his widow. A humourous story with the inevitable sting in the tail.

Ian C

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