Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Reviewing Poetry/Poetry Pitfalls

This is a review of an article by Doris Corti in the August edition of "Writing Magazine".

After completing each piece of work, check every detail.


Words,phrases and whole lines may be repeated for effect but too much can be monotonous. Try to achieve a balance of imagery and language.


Hyperbole or overstatement can be used to emphasise a point however, too much will become a rant. Beware of saying the same thing twice.


As with prose, avoid the use of cliches although they may be used in speech to provide authenticity.


Check the lineation of free verse as there is not the set metre to structure the control of the lines. Lines may be ended with a full stop or use of continuation where words spill over to the next line but still convey the same sense. Line breakage can be achieved where there is a natural pause, punctuation or between phrases.


This is something easily overlooked. Commas provide breath pauses and slow the tempo, exclamation marks will convey urgency or commands. Full stops are needed at the end of a sentence and the piece of work to signify that the elements are complete.

Irregular Rhyme

Rhyme pattern should be regular throughout the work as failure to do this will confuse either the reader or storyline. Choose a pattern which best suits the subject matter of the poem.


Avoid using archaic language. It is acceptable to use abbreviations but words that are no longer in everyday use should not be utilised. Keep to contemporary language.

Ian C

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