Sunday, 8 August 2010

Phew! It's Hot!

Contrary to the title, this week was not a hot pen, merely a comment on the weather.
This week's subjects were " My Aunt's Knickers" or Grandmother's Legacy. Now I am not sure if there was meant to be a connection but the titles could be regarded as "pants".

There were 19 members in attendance this week
Prior to the meeting starting, Nik distributed blank suggestion lists for forthcoming meetings.
John McGregor announced that he had passed his writing course. Congratutlations!
Nik read some publishers letters to well-known authors that the publishers, with hindsight, probably wished they hadn't.
Rob advised that he would put details of "Platinum Page" on the blog site.

Mary K started the meeting off with a poem entitled "What's in a Word." This related to the subject of a hot pen and all the differing interpretations of the chosen word.

Nan also read a poem about "Life" and was her second interpretation of the subject. This time dealing with the time from contraception to old age.

John Mcgillvary aplogised for giving us a rather deep, meaningful poem called "Desolation Street" which dealt with the life of an alcoholic.

John Mcgregor's story called "Something to Shout About" was about his hero obtaining a new job in London and meeting one of his idols-Lulu. The twist in the story was that it was not Lulu but Felicity Kendall.

Jane gave us a piece based on a previous week's subject "Too Damned Hot"  which dealt with a first meeting.

Ann B's poem was called "The Keep Fit Class" and provided an insight into the world of mature ladies exercising.

Jenny read out numerous limericks that she had composed- the first one being about this week's subject "My Aunt's Knickers" and the names of well- known chocolate bars.

Michael provided another reminiscence which was a tall tale about Harry, agiant of a man.

John Major continued his theme about working in the Middle East. He had anticipated entering it for inclusion in the anthology about "Ex Pat Life" and therefore various suggestions were put to him that could improve the item.

Nan continued her previous theme with another poem about life and death.

Stan, last but by no means least, investigated the meaning of his surname and its associations including a genealogical tour.

Ian C

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