Wednesday, 15 September 2010


There was a big turnout  (26.5) this week (the .5 was TJ who arrived a tad late but never mind)
After a hasty table rearrangement we kicked off with Brenda (being a left over) who gave us a thrilling extract from her novel – where poor Daisy met her untimely end.
John Mac read another of his rather revealing life episodes in which he had ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse’ for a curvy little blond. Helped my some relevant song titles an all together amusing piece ably assisted by Lulu and Diana Ross
Rosemary used this weeks theme (Autograph) for her tale about the family and its problems at dinner (where Christopher Timothy made a guest appearance) Lots of feedback and plenty of editing for Rosemary
Georgia read us 4 poems – which we all enjoyed, a break from our normal style.
Norma – tried her 150 word entry for a competition but we were left feeling that it had not quite hit the spot – more drama please Norma
John Major read his best piece left and left us hanging in suspense – a star in the making our John – great stuff
Anne Flynn amused us with her diary – which was an open book on Anne’s thought process which lead us all over the place – very amusing.
Mary read yet another story (she turns them out) but the group felt in needed more work but had potential with her protagonist unfairly locked away in a smelly Chinese jail – not nice.
Nik off on holidays for 3 weeks (lucky him) Rob in the hot seat now…….

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