Sunday, 5 September 2010

Echoes of Another Time

20 Members of the Circle were in attendance this week.

Michael advised that he had contacts through family with film makers and that if anyone had scripts or novels that were worthy of film, he would put them in touch with each other.

Rob apologised if anyone had received spam mail allegedly from him. This was not the case and he advised the members on how to stop hackers getting email addresses.

John McGillvarystarted this weeks readings with a love poem entitled "Davy".

Stan gave us a very pictorial guide to Kingston-upon-Hull. Obviously a city close to his heart.

Nan read out two poems "Something out of Nothing" and "Distribution" both of which were unusual to say the least.

John Major took this weeks theme an told us of troubled times in Belfast. This was very atmospheric with a lot of good phrasing.

Norma narrated a piece on the use of "Blackberry" in conjunction with her work as a councillor. Douglas suggested that the piece of equipment would be better named "The Raspberry".

Mary K took this week's theme and related in verse life gone by.

Pat gave us a reworked version of a story about a woman writing three different letters of goodbye before committing suicide.

Jane provided a new episode of her life in rural France with a story entitled "The Master Plasterer" in which the main character arrived late, ate long lazy meals, slept, then left early, all at his clients expense.

Douglas gave us his review of Heinke's book "Camping With Wolves". Not only was this a favourable review it was also a rant at the number of errors in the book, none of which were Heinke's. Explanations were provided as to how the errors occurred and that these had now been corrected.

John McGregor's piece entitled "What's Your Handicap?" was a story about his first game of golf which just happened to be at Gleneagles. Written in John's own inimitable style this was most enjoyable.

Ian C

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