Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hot Pen Day

In the absence of Nik Morton and Rob Innis, Jane Hayter chaired the meeting.
HOT PEN DAY!!! - the word BUSINESS - time 10 minutes
JERRY - a story about the murder of a young woman.
ALAN - a humorous story about a car that would work while the driver slept.   The car was not a success.
LISA - Two female friends set up a business.  Initially a success, ultimately the venture failed.
DOUGLAS - tells a story of a row he has with a friend and learns soon after that the man has been  killed in a road accident.
JOHN M - Irish couple married for 12 years without having any children.   The wife is anxious to have a baby.  Discusses this problem with a friend who gives her some pills and months later the wife finds she is pregnant.   
MIKE - a non-fiction account of the five monkeys business principle where the behaviour of the animals is man ipulated.
ANNE F - a short story about a friend interfering in  the private life of a married couple.
ANN B - a short poem about her charitable activities.
MARY S - a poem concerning feelings about not getting involved with the problems of others.
MARY KM - Clever piece involving a play on the word "business"
ANN G - a tale about women gossiping about neighbours who seems to be living beyond their means .  Should they report them to The Social?   Decide its none of their business!
JANE - a story of her life in France when an official comes onto her property to measure the boundaries of her land and the legality or otherwisde of her swimmin g pool.  Decides he is just being curious.
GLYN -  woman searches for cat food in the Asian quarter of town as all the local shops are closed.
BRENDA - Carrie marries the first man who asks her, in order to escape from her boring life.
JENNY - her views about the ease with which individuals can set up a business on the Costa Blanca and then act without either morals or principles.
JOHN McG - Believable dialogue between a married couple who are on the verge of splitting up.
A general discussion follolwed concerning the value or otherwise of "hot pen".A minority of people actively dislike the exercise, another group feel it to be of value, and a third group appear to have no views one way or another.
An idea was put forward that for the next "hot pen" (on the 29 December!!!)  members should bring in a photograph or small object, these to be divided within the group.
JOHN McG -  an interesting story about a police officer making contact with a man attempting suicide and in fact guiding the man to safety.   Part 1.  The sequel to follow.
BRENDA - The ongoing story of Belle who is anxious to get out of her current relationship of seven years standing.    Is attracted to a man she has just met.   She goes to a party which is also attended by both men.   She introduces them to each other.   To be continued..........
GLYN - continues his story of army life with a wounded soldier returning from Afghanistan who is ostracised by his fellow soldiers as a result of his action in hesitating to kill a woman Afghan results in the deaths of five of his collegues.    More soon..........
Anne Flynn
30 9 2010           

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  1. Thanks, Anne, a lot seemed to be happening in my absence! Interesting views about the Hot Pen. So, keep it or not???