Friday, 10 September 2010

Email from Geoff Lowe

Hola Ian/Nik/Rob
I always enjoy the weekly reports of Circle meetings. They help me to keep in touch - even though I haven't been back to La Torre for a long time. We moved from Hull to Grassington in the Yorks Dales last November and we've been busy re-furbishing and getting involved in local activities here. (And we missed at least one planned trip to La Torre due to volcanic dust cancellations).
Anyway it's good to see the group thriving, and with several new members - one of whom may be Stan (I can't recall meeting him). I notice with interest his interest in Kingston-upon-Hull. As I also have strong Hull connections (I was born there), it would be nice to have his contact e-mail, if that is possible. Or please let him know my contact e-mail.
Please give my best regards to the group. Hope to see you again, perhaps in October.
All good wishes
Geoff Lowe

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  1. Geoff - I have forwarded the message to Stan and he can contact you (if your 'strange' email works!!) Rob.