Monday, 13 December 2010

A Plethora of Poetry

Before the meeting commenced Nick announced that he had had a phone call from Douglas intimating his apologies and also his marriage to Rita.

This week's subject was "Writer's Circle" and 25 members were in attendance.

Maureen read a poem entitled "A Father's Tale" and was about how, as they grow older, daughters stop confiding in their fathers and the fathers do not appear to notice until too late. Everyone thought that this was most profound.

Jane, in poetic fashion, read her piece outlining the changing seasons of the year.Members remarked on the use of words and their rhymes. This also brought to mind what we do not have here in Spain - distinct seasons.

Christina potrayed Xmas in her reading of a poem about a serving soldier being visited by Santa. Again, the members thought this quite thought provoking.

Heather gave us a gentle children's story about the love of a toy dog which is inadvertently put in the washing machine and its appearance changed much to the consternation of its owner. The little girl is advised that although the outside appearance is changed, it is still the same dog that she has always loved. Comments for this were good with most of us thinking that this was suitable for reading to children.

Mary K chose this week's theme for her poem about individual members of the writer's circle and then as a group.

Chris also chose this week's theme for her poem and the difficulty in knowing what to write about.

Anne F had everyone in stitches with her story "A Christmas Tale". This was a modern day version of the birth of Christ as told by Mary to her Mother. Most felt sorry for Joseph who was shown to be most inept in that he forgot to book a room at the inn, had still to make a cot despite being a carpenter and was now being asked to raise a child that wasn't his own. This was an excellent, topical story.

John McG, as part of his study course, had to adapt one of his own stories as a play for radio.The story was about a man and woman who have known each other casually over a period of years and who eventually have a relationship. This part of the adaptation was about the telephone conversation which led them getting together. A lot of comments related to the contrived conversation which did not come over as being true to life although it was acknowledged that writing a play for radio broadcast was extremely difficult.

Glyn gave us a reading of a rewrite of the battle scene from his Khandahar story. This was most graphic and caused a lot of thinking within the group about the dramatisation of the action as it unfolded.

Cynthia's poem related a tale of a group of male holidaymakers on a flight from England to Alicante as they headed for their sojourn in Benidorm. Most of the members who travel back and forth have, no doubt, been subjected to this type of scenario at one time or another.

Of the 10 people who read this week, there were 6 poems hence the title of this blog- "A Plethora of Poetry".

Ian C

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  1. Yet again, another entertaining and very interesting meeting. Thank you all!