Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stepping Stones

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The Subject for the day was "Stepping Stones" as illustrated by the beautiful picture above.

Three members wrote poems on the subject Ann Grierson, Mary Kilduff and myself.
Anne´s and Mary´s were very wise, philosophical observations on the patterns of life. 
My poem can be read on my poetry blog (see link on sidebar).

Geoff, as usual, came up with something a bit different with his piece about a couple, George and Ruby Stone, who made their living by dancing disco. He cleverly wove the story of a relationship in crisis round the titles of Rolling Stones songs, ending with George´s final parting shot : " When are you leaving Ruby, Tuesday?"  Brilliant!!

Ann Flynn gave us another piece in her Dementia series! Very funny and horribly familiar to all of us who have also peeled a banana and ended up about to eat the skin with the banana in the bin.Perhaps not all of us have used our Rabbit vibrators as egg whisks though! Or........?

Glyn took us back a bit in his Khandahar novella so that we could see how his character is beginning to slide into psychosis at an earlier stage. Very scary stuff.

T.J. came with a self published book he´d put together for a tour he´s going to do/doing(?) with his paintings. Each painting has a poem telling its story. He read one called "Racing for the Mark", which, even to a dedicated landlubber like myself, was thrilling and very evocative.

John Major read half of a long piece called "The Phantom Stone" about two colleagues going to a meeting and on the way deciding to avoid it and make up a reason for not attending. Some very funny descriptions here.

John McGregor read another reminiscence from his days as a salesman. It was thought he had an excellent basis for a fictional piece here.

Gerry returned to his police character, Chief Inspector Farrell. Interesting but Point of View issues to be sorted out.

Nik began the meeting by reading out notes from an agents´ blog(?) about essential elements to grab attention.
As I was still scratching and whistling after a late-ish arrival, my attention was wandering rather than grabbed at this point. Apologies, Nik. Anyone wanting more info should ask Nik.
However, I do remember him quoting Mickey Spillane as saying that the first page sells your book and the last page sells your next book.

This being the last page of today´s blog, see you next week.

PS Reminder! Nik has the list to sign up for the Christmas lunch.

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  1. Excellent coverage, as ever. Many thanks!