Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Xmas Feast

This week a total of 19 attended the meeting.

TJ kicked of proceedings with "Ceol Na Marra". A poem written in 3 parts, Solo, Duet, Coda about a man's love of the sea and a beautiful woman. This was well received by the group with lots of good lines. My favourite was the last verse,

I have a want to leave this lea
'Ceol Na Marra' hums in my ear
She sings the music of the sea,
"You know your destiny is here".

Maureen gave us a very descriptive piece with excellent imagery of a journey in Brazil.

Margaret's humourous narrative was on the joys(?) of dieting. Most apt for this time of year.

Jane vented her feelings with a rant on people with computers which seem to have taken over their lives.

Ian's story was a reworked version of the Tay Bridge Disaster. For those who had not heard it before the ending came as something of a surprise having been lulled into a false sense of security.

Mary K's poem was a Xmas message to the group using the letters of the word "Christmas".

Ann B also used the Xmas theme for her poem about the joys of the festive season. This was not one for the "Bah! Humbug!!" brigade.

John McGregor attempted something completely different for him-singing his item about song lyrics.

Heather took a rather philosophical look at Xmas with her poem about changing bodyshape and fashion throughout the year with each month bringing its own trials and tribulations.

John Major gave us a prequel to last week's reading about the two sales reps wnot wanting to attend the sales demonstration and who hatch their plot over lunch. This was a good insight to life on the road.

Jen explained her piece as poetic introductions to Christmas carols and songs that had been performed by her choir. This was innovative as it had everyone trying to guess which song would follow its intro.

Nik's item was a sci-fi piece about an being in outer space.

Last, but by no means least, Anne G. in her own inimitable style gave us her rendition of a Marriot Edgar poem entitled "The Battle of Hastings". This had everyone in fits of laughter and was a fitting end to the meeting.

Ian C

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