Tuesday, 21 December 2010

'Twas The Week Before Xmas

This week 20 members attended as well as 3 guests from the St. Javier Poetry Group.
Various apologies were tendered as well as Seasons Greetings.
Nik advised that he had received an email from Claire Lawrence from the "In Front" magazine indicating that she would accept submissions from members.
Details of a competition-Pop Fiction were available. This is for stories based on music.

This week's theme was "How Dare You".

John Major started the readings with a very humerous story about 2 sales reps., reluctant to go toa sales pitch, take extreme measures to avoid attendance.

Margaret gave us a poem, written from a male point of view which was inspired by a moment's experience in the port of Alicante.

Cynthia detailed the pitfalls of HD TV in her poem which detailed the imperfections of those appearing on the new media.

Glyn continued his "Khandahar" story relating his heroes recovery after being blown up.

John McG provided another funny tale entitled "Minced Beef". This was observations of John's culinary skills and provided a good sense of family life.

Chris took this week's theme for her poem about a man wearing pink.

Mary K's offering called "Are You Being Served?" outlined a personal experience of lack of service in a cafe/bar in Playa Flamenca.

Anne G provided a story about two companions, one of whom was to write a book about his expoloits in the Middle and Far East.

Jane's poem "The Joys of Xmas Shopping" was a nostalgic look to past Xmas.

Ian's offering was a poem written some time ago called "Santa Didn't Come". Members thought this was very sad and needed to be published somewhere.

Heather gave us another of her Rufus McGregor. the tartan toy dog, stories. In this one, Rufus becomes the star of the show when he takes part in a nativity play. This was a story with good observations.

Alan read two pieces although not written by him. The first was a story about a cat and the second about three dogs attending the vet. Both stories were very funny.

Nik's piece entitled "Normal Savage" was a story detailing the origins of Tarzan.

Ian C

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