Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lottsa Leftovers.

I should have concentrated more and taken better notes. I should have done the blog on Wednesday afternoon instead of leaving it till Sunday morning. Just having read through my notes, I realise I don´t remember much and the notes are definitely cryptic. Still, it´s me doing the blog so this is it - apologies in advance.

Anne Flynn took the Chair as Ian was away.

Leftovers from last week took the floor first.

Lisa, read a story for 3 - 6 year olds. It is her fourth re-write and the powers-that-be had said it needed to be less middle class and 1000 words. At the moment she´s at 1200 words and needed some input to satisfy these PTB. Suggestions were made by the goup.

Jane read out a previously heard Gascony tale which she is polishing prior to publication(?).

Brenda´s Belle was violently raped in the exerpt read out. Very strong piece, well-handled, it was felt.

Graham read out a piece called "Sweethearts", which I think was very clever but since it was based around cricket, it all went over my head.

We then proceeded with the members who´d written for the day.

Maureen wrote a very funny piece on finding love at 60+. Cries of what used to be sexual ecstasy now indicate cramp, the gazing into each others´eyes is most likely to check that your partner isn´t asleep...  Thought to be a good piece for "The Oldie".

Pamela read out more of her account of her life.

Newbie Gerry, had written a piece called "Winter´s Journey" describing a walk. It was intended to help him get over his hatred of the season.

Avril had a poem called "Rainbow Colours".

Chris read 2 poems - "The Waiting Game" and "Hobby".

John McGregor wrote something beginning " Geoffrey said, I think I´ll sleep without my pyjama bottoms"

Heather read a lovely poem written when her daughter´s baby was born.

Douglas ended the session with something called " The Assassins" about reporters.

As with last week, there were leftovers: Nan, Stan, Gerry, and Sara.

Next week is a HOT PEN !!!!!

Chris J

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