Saturday, 5 March 2011

Snake Charmers, Chamberlain, and RIBS.

 The first week with Ian as Chair - and a very good job he made of it. Well done, that man!

A new member, Avril was welcomed and altogether we were around twenty members present. Not bad, considering there were no biccies on offer!

A short discussion on whether or not we should invest in a microphone resulted in a fairly resounding "No", as it was deemed too expensive and not really neccessary. Mary K was ordered to shout more and stand at the front.

Margaret, Lisa and Anne Grierson offered to take a hand at the blog but since most people were hesitant as to how to go about it, Ian said he´d knock up a foolproof guide as to how to access the blog and write a post.

Alan Gillespie wrote about a schoolboy who plays truant and has an accident.
                                                                                                               Brenda, who has an aversion to the sea , had been asked to bring her writing skills into play and do a short article on a boat trip  with a sailing club which was marking the launch of its new RIB ( Rigid Inflatable Boat). Her piece was very well-done and she is to be congratulated as articles aren´t her normal comfort zone.             

Jane is polishing up her Gascony Tales with a serious view to publication and regaled us with the story of the stocky red-faced farmer neighbour who was obsessed with her body. (!!!)

Newbie Avril read us a poem about a visit to her son in Australia. Good start Avril!

Mary K wrote a clever poem entitled "Partners in Rhyme" about two rival poets wrting a poem together, one line each, and having to make the lines rhyme. 

Anne Braithwaite gave us a diary extract describing a week of disaster for the family cars.

Chris J read the final rewrite of a piece of bloodthirsty flashfiction.

Heather´s poem was about stopping smoking, although it wasn´t revealed until the very end what it was that was being given up. Clever.

Douglas had written an anecdotal piece about 3/9/1939, when Neville Chamberlain announced, rather prematurely, that there would be "Peace in our time".

Alan Winter´s anecdote was the sad tale of a dozing snake charmer, an escaped King Cobra, and the resulting death of the Belgian Consul-General´s wife.

Gerry had rewritten last week´s piece taken from his story about the Battle of Gettysburg. It was deemed better in some ways but the general feeling was that Gerry needs to flesh out his backstory so that Josh, the main character, becomes more believable. Not to be downcast, Gerry promised to take the advice to heart and do some more rewriting. Good for him!!

Unfortunately there wasn´t quite enough time so Nan, Stan and Margaret will start next time.

If you´re reading this Nik, hope things are going well with the editing and that you´re enjoying your Kindle.
Everyone present today said how much they´d enjoyed last week and they all wished you well.

Hasta la Próxima Vez !

Chris J


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  2. Wait no longer...Good coverage, makes me sorry I missed all that. Especially liked the piece about the microphone!

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