Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just a Comment about Comments

Under every 'post' ie the text on the blog is 'Comments' if you would like to comment click on 'Comments' then a box will open into which you can type your comment. Below you are invited to identify yourself by signing on to your own Google account (and a selection of others) you do not need to be signed onto the TWC blog (but you do to post an item)

If you do not want to take that option just select 'Anonymous' but please add your name in the text box at the bottom of your comment.

Then click on Post Comment and it will appear as a comment under the post.

Also down the right hand side of the blog is 'TWC Follow these Sites' - there are a number of very interesting sites for writers - advice, help, information, competitions, writers courses (Writers Bureau) and some other fun stuff - just click and you will be linked to the site you have selected.


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