Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I hosted yet another evening and the final of both the poetry and prose Wordplay Competition at Chadwick’s, Villamartin on Tuesday 8th November.  For me, everyone that attends is a winner because I appreciate their support. For everyone that creates their own and comes along and reads it for all to hear-I think that they are exceptional people and deserve the applause that they received.

A year has passed since our first event and with the benefit of that experience our participants have gained in confidence and that does show in the quality and in the performance. I applaud you all.
We opened with Limericks that were lovely, entertaining and fun. These, were then followed by our usual collection of both poetry and prose.  The second part was for our previous winners who were now in the final competition. We had three short stories from which to choose a winner and this was followed by seven poets reading their own creations. We allowed them an ‘open theme’ and the subject matter proved to be very emotional and showed sentiment, love and caring in a plenty. After this serious content a couple of Roger McGough’s poems were read for contrast and to lighten the mood a little. Well done for all these entries. However, the suspense will continue until 22nd January when Wordplay have arranged for the presentation of awards at their anniversary evening. This is when the winners will be announced.
  In the meantime keep writing because our next ‘open mic’ will be held on Monday 13th February 2012 and so, keep at it and let creativity flow. We are surrounded by a plethora of matter from which we can get inspiration to write. For me, wildlife is important and I will be concentrating on the theme of ‘Nature’- and so you could join me.     
John Edwards, November,  2011.

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