Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wednesday 23/11/11

     We had a full house again this week, sorry I didn't start blogging until the first reader.. However there was a discussion concerning agents and publishers. Brenda  has heard that her submitted chapters have not been taken up but nil desperandum, will continue to find someone to recognise her talent.

     Gerry's piece was first read by Maureen. Entitled "The Mountain" it told of how people strove to reach the summit, sometimes by underhand means, only to find it didn't come up to expectations. Also, because so many made it to the top, the mountain gave way under the weight. It was very cautionary tale and a comment on the present world situation. A very deep thinker, our Gerry.

     Lisa then revisited one of her short stories. It concerned Maureen, who was sitting quietly on a park bench, watching a family of ducklings. Her peace is disrupted by the arrival of her little grandson who inquires why she has no hair. The arrival of her daughter and young baby elicit the good news that Maureen has been given the all clear medically and the family then settle down to a celebratory picnic

     Anne G read a poem on today's theme- wait till I get you home. It concerned a husbands observation on his wife's flirtatious behaviour at an office party.

     Mary then read a short account of her recent brush with  two  Gardia officers who attempted to fine her 200euros for an alleged traffic violation.  I was impressed by her dealings with them (in Spanish) the result being they mounted their motor cycles and rode away.  Good on yer Mary.

     Brenda's tale was based on the theme and described  the feelings of a young girl with a gin sodden mother. A very dark piece, the girl could only remember feeling safe in her mother's womb. I don't know how such a bubbly person as Brenda ever takes us to such depths of despair.

    John M read another of his ex files series. In this he was involved with Verna, whose hairdresser, Sharon, was a bit of goer. He does seem to have moved in some racy circles, But written in the best possible taste.

     Jeff, as usual, had the group laughing with his tale of a stay with friends in Tennessee, where the pastime was thinking up country and western lyrics. His friend Bill took his inspiration from Jeff's obsession with a centre parting, but was stuck for a rhyme until Jeff broke wind............................

    Margaret wrote about Augustine, a Spanish friend. Margaret wondered why he didn't have a regular partner. It seemed that Augustine had hidden depths.

     Gerry W 's piece was entitled The Magpie, a highwayman, who  holds up a  coach containing a clergyman, his wife, sister in law and a young girl. It's part of a longer story when  the characters will be revealed as not all they appear to be.

    Maureen gave us a very short account from her series of border crossing tales. This one concerned travelling from Mongolia into  China and described how the train was shunted into a  shed in order that a narrower gauge bogey could be fitted. It all seemed very peaceful until  TJ told of crossing in the opposite
direction which had been a nightmare. It would seem Mongolia should be avoided as Maureen agreed she had encountered officialdom  when entering from Russia.

    Next week's theme is  ' A Road Accident', See you  then.
.                                                                                      Anne Grierson

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