Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Meeting 2/11/2011

The meeting was opened by Ian and attended by 31 members. We welcomed Terry Bradshaw, a Canadian author who is based at Campoverde part time. He is a published author who favours writing adventure fiction, and is a member of a writers group at home. We hope you found our group interesting and look forward to seeing you again.

Ian gave a list of times and pick up points for our proposed trip this coming Saturday and also gave us the news that one of Jenny's poems has been short listed for publicatiion. Good luck Jen. John Edwards then reminded the group of the open mike night on 9/11/2011.

Todays theme was -I was alone and afraid. Because of the number attending, not all got to read but here's a brief summary of those who did

Douglas reprised his story of a chance meeting with "The Odd Couple" whilst on holiday in Portugal. It was very descriptive and I think I could have nightmares if I met warty face and his droopy wife.

Kathy wrote on the theme, describing how she awoke to the sound of an intruder and tentatively went downstairs after arming herself with a revolver. BIG MISTAKE, she shot her husband. Very good sign off as she was then alone and afraid off the police.

Heather then read a marvellous piece about the time she spent in Venice as part of a history course, she described the different routes she took to the mansion where the lectures were given. I could almost smell the canals and see the green slime deposits.

Geoff entertained as usual with a marvellous description of what I thought was set in a school for contortionists, with people taking up odd positions the twist being they were being posed for a wedding photograph.

Phil read a poem from the point of view of an unemployed person who had to find ways of keeping warm when the heating went off at 9.0am. It was a really thought provoking and in non contrived rhyme. A sort of voice for the less fortunate.

Glyn read a further extract from his book about the ex serviceman suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. This detailed his venture into intimacy with a blonde who in actual fact bleached her hair and brought back his feelings of hatred towards brunettes. The piece was read in order to obtain the ladies reaction following advice from a literary agent and brought mixed responses from the group.

John's article was an amusing tale on being aurally challenged, and advised on the best way to mask impending deafness.

Betty then read her proposed book aimed at small children. It was written from the point of view of Baz, a cat who is confronted with the family moving to Spaiin. She intends to illustrate the book herself as her other interests include painting.

Anne Flynn gave us another of her Dear Mother letters with a twist. Instead of writing of ancient events, this one was entitled Dear Mummy, the writer being Prince Charles who had been galvanised into writing on seeing the Australian Prime Minister refusing to curtsey or wear a hat when greeting Her Majesty.There were also numerous references to Fag Ash Lil aka Camilla.

Chris J wound up the readings with her first attempt at blank verse.. It was based on the theme and described the different times in ones life when one is alone and afraid, being shunned by ones peers and, ending on a very cheerful note, the eventual lonely experience of dying. I actually liked this and as you know I dont always get the idea of blank verse. PS to me. Find out more about it.

Well thats it for now. Next weeks theme is. Aren't our police wonderful? Well of course they were in my day. .

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