Saturday, 7 February 2009

B***! Blogs!

After last week´s meeting, I felt inspired to try to create a blog of my own.

After a considerable effort ( You Tube´s film on how to create a blog wouldn´t download), I managed to do it.

However, I haven´t sussed out how to make it accessible to anyone else. Now, every time I try to access it as an ordinary blogreader, it says it doesn´t exist. But I know it does and can get it through my google account.

So I´m really ticked off. All that effoert and not much of a result.

Chris J


  1. Chris,

    I can only guess that in 1 of the settings it has been set wrongly to private and not public access. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Checked You Tube and everything is fine.

  2. OK Chris's blog is working and has been added to TWC Blog list (it has a bit of Swedish for additional flavour!) Take a look!