Wednesday, 4 February 2009

If you want your own blog....

Suggest you watch the movie (with speakers ON!!)

I want to see the movie
(click on that)

If you have a go at this please DO NOT use this blogs sign on and password.

Use your own email address etc to create YOUR Google account.

Good Luck!


  1. I have spent 2 afternoons trying to create a blog. You Tube wouldn´t download the film so I muddled through on my own. I now have a blog but nobody can access it, seemingly! A friend who has AOL says the address I gave her gave no matches. I have iGoogle Mozilla Firefox where there are 2 places you can put in an address and it only accesses my blog on one of them So what have I done wrong, I ask myself?

  2. The You Tube link does work so the video is available - you must have been very unlucky!!

    But I see you have made much progress since your comment!