Saturday, 28 February 2009

Meeting of 25 February, 2009

Seventeen attendees, six apologies. Alan resumed his intriguing tale about a strange inheritance and left us all hanging, wanting more… next week. Ironically, an inheritance was the subject of Jane’s poem, about bickering over possessions – ‘When war broke out’, that is within the family, not on the international stage. Deadly war figured in Ann B’s factual account of her time in the middle east during the Iran-Iraq conflict. She was a secretary/driver and ‘facilitator’ for NBC: this would definitely make a very interesting article for a commercial magazine.

Ian returned with a piece from an earlier theme – ‘You did what?’ This was told in dialogue between two young girls and was hilarious, the characters seeping from the spoken word. Brian read the ending of his Rider Haggard entry, which was chilling and steeped in atmosphere; we wish him luck.

Brenda’s continuing saga slid back to the past with skill; however, the ravishing of the heroine perhaps requires more emotional context. Mary K gave us a tale through the eyes of a child, a ten-year-old. The fate of a fox hung in the balance; evoked memories of The Belstone Fox by David Rook. Jenny’s poem was excellent, with great pace, but the title needs to change else it’s given away…

Glyn continued his saga about recruitment in the Army. They’ve been introduced to PT – and it’s quite painful – that’s our laughter as well as the poor sod’s experiences. Again, little to comment on.

Time ran out so next week we’ll first hear from Douglas, Rita and Joy.

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