Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Meeting 11 February 2009

Still a good turnout – 12. I started by reading the beginning of my novel SNEEZE ON A THURSDAY and the private eye humour seemed to be appreciated. Mary K read out a humorous poem about a matchmaking mother, with a neat twist ending; this could make a good twist short story too. Mary M gave us a well-observed piece about a country post office and this too had a twist ending – quite chilling too. Polish and send this out, Mary!

Cynthia offered a delightful and greatly entertaining piece about ‘tea with me mammy’, an affectionate reminiscence of her time in Ireland. This too should be sent out. Glyn read the conclusion to his soldier’s tale set in Afghanistan: ‘Flight home from Kandaha’ – a well-realised tough uncompromising story which should perhaps be entered in a competition. A number of members are casting their eyes at competitions – good luck to all.

Brian read the early stages of his proposed competition entry to the Rider Haggard competition and everybody agreed that he had captured the tone and language of the period. Heinke is also considering entering a competition and the beginning of her children’s tale was enjoyed by all; it’s liable to give 6-7yr olds nightmares, just what they’ll love! Chris read out a below-1,000 word story which shone with little details and was moving; this too should be polished and sent out. Alan ended our session with an anti-religious Darwinian humorous item that is surely going to earn him his own little fatwa; several members asked him to continue with his intriguing short novel.

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  1. Yes well done Cynthia - a very entertaining piece - I hope you are able to get it published!