Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Story structure

Hooray! Thanks Nik for explaining what to do about selecting a different Google account to sign on. Anyone else who already has a gmail account needs to know to do this otherwise you can't get in.
Rather than email you I wanted to post this so that others can see my feedback about the 'Story Structure Architect' book. It is one of the most useful books I've read because for me (and possibly not for others) finding the structure for my novel has been a real hurdle. It simply wasn't enough to use the journey only because my throughline as the author calls it didn't keep me focused and I kept drifting off into anecdotal 'scenes' instead of moving my story forward. Reading this has opened up whole new possiblities for me and I've made copious notes. It really has helped me get my ideas in order, and now I feel ready to move on where I had been struggling with putting all my ideas in some sort of order.
I doubt if I'll make it to our meeting tomorrow as I'm inspired to write instead!