Thursday, 9 April 2009

It is a Small world!

During our pre-meeting coffee session Pat, one of the TWCers, appeared waving a copy of Intouch (the Aviva/Norwich Union magazine for retired staff) under my nose.

"Hey Rob, did you know you are in here? What a surprise to see you on Page 13"
(my lucky number)

Well yes I had seen the article regarding Horace Greasley, who has had his book published at 90 years of age - perhaps the World's Oldest author? in my copy of the magazine which I received Monday.

But I didn't expect anyone from TWC to have seen it!

It really is a small world - any other Intouch readers out there??



  1. You'd have to be 'in touch' to believe your photo was not re-touched!!

    You only look to be in your 50's, Rob.

    Best wishes,

  2. I keep telling you all that Picasa is good!

    Rob (always in touch)