Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not So Creaky!

At the next meeting, as well as the usual cerebral delights,we will be having a small celebration for Jane´s birthday.

There will be cake.

( Don´t expect too much - it´s me in charge of that so it´ll be Mercadona, not home made.)

To celebrate the event, a gift will be given with a card, which most people have signed - if you haven´t done so,discreetly sneak off into a corner with Anne B.(Down, Glyn!!)

I have knocked out a verse or two for the card and have done this extra one as a taster.

Jane seems prim but really she´s cheeky,
Though this winter she´s been a bit peaky.
But now spring is here
She´s well into gear
And her energy levels are freaky.

On behalf of us all,Happy Birthday, Jane!

Chris J

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  1. Where'd you get that picture of Jane, Chris! The likeness is staggering...