Friday, 24 April 2009

TWC appear in the SWWJ The Woman Writer

Back in early February I invited Penny Legg, Editor of The Woman Writer published by the Society of Women Writers & Journalists, to attend a TWC meeting and share her writing and other related experiences with us.

It was a glorious sunny day with a Spanish bright blue sky so we were able to take some good group photos in the garden of our regular meeting venue. These have very nicely illustrated a review of Penny's attendance written by another published author - Freda Lightfoot, a member of the SWWJ, who made the trip from Almeria to meet Penny and be at our meeting.

I will bring the magazine containing the review, which calls us 'a delightful bunch' (how true!) to the next TWC meeting - our fame is spreading! Thanks Penny and Freda.

Rob Innis

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  1. I am so glad that you received 'The Woman Writer' and liked the piece about my coming to talk to you, written by Freda Lightfoot. I was delighted to be invited to speak and wish the TWC all best wishes for the future. When I am next in Spain I look forward to dropping by and saying 'hola!'
    Penny Legg