Saturday, 11 April 2009

A Message from Lorraine Mace - to us!

Some of you TWCers may have read Lorraine Mace's column in Writing Magazine - which is aimed at Expats.

I recently contacted her as she is a colleague of my former Writers bureau tutor Simon Whalley - I received this email from Lorraine:

Hi Rob,

Simon did say you’d be getting in touch. Anything I can do to help you, just drop me a line.

I’m pleased to hear you enjoy my column. Can you ask your writing group if there is anything they would like me to cover that I haven’t yet touched on? Or can you ask if there is something that they would like me to deal with in greater detail?

Have a great Easter,
Lorraine Mace



The Greatest Moving Abroad Tips in the World

by Lorraine Mace

The ABC Checklist for New Writers

by Lorraine Mace and Maureen Vincent-Northam


  1. Thanks, Rob. Yep, it's a small world indeed. I've dropped Lorraine a line asking her to give a talk if she's ever in our neck of the woods. I also recommend her website to all our members - it has a lot of interesting material and also useful to writers.

  2. Thank you for this, Rob. I'm always open to suggestions about topics for my column and can be reached via my website or at lorraine (at) lorrainemace (dot) com. Anything I can do to assist expat writers is of interest to me (I'm one myself and have lived abroad for thirty years).