Thursday, 2 April 2009

Meeting of 1st April 2009

The suggested topic for this week was "Poetic Justice".

The number of members attending was 20. There were apologies from TJ and Rob.

Prior to the members reading, Nik spoke of a request that had been received from Jane Cronin for a member(s) to write a radio soap based on life in Spain. Heinke's name was suggested and it was suggested that it may even be a collaborative effort. As the details were a bit sketchy Maureen undertook to get more inforation and report back.

Nik also reported that the "Levante Press" had ceased trading thus depriving the members of another outlet for their work.

Ian asked if anyone wanted to take over writing the blog as he had done it for the past month and others could take the opportunity to write it. There were no takers.

Mary K showed members a gift recently received which was a kit that people could use to commence writing a novel.

Maureen started off the readings with a updated piece fom her novel about travels with her family. This chapter dealt with an Indian train journey. It was very descriptive with good characterization of her Indian travelling companions. Suggestions were made to improve the atmosphere of the piece.

Nik was next with a tongue-in-cheek article on building in Spain and its effect on the world. Not only its economy but its physical attributes. Could this be termed as "The Balance of Payments?"

Jenny gave us "Codgerism" a poem about old age and its benefits.

Glyn's army story "marched" on, this time telling us of a football match. The "tactics ," "coaching skills?" and "rule-bending" provided a hilarious insight into the rivalry of the teams and their followers.

Phil gave us a poem on this week's topic and is part of a trilogy about life on trains. This was a highly descriptive piece about an early morning train journey and its travellers.

Pat read an extremely poignant poem about the human face of the army entitled "Back From Iraq" or "The Soldiers Return". Members found this very moving and Pat is to be congratulated for her composition. I will try to obtain a copy for inclusion on the blogsite.

Brian advised that he had been "nagged" by his driver into doing a piece on this week's suggested topic. This was a short story about WW1 and the poets Wilfred Owen and Seigfried Sassoon.

Ian stated that, having "nagged" Brian, he himself had not written on the topic but a short story entitled "The Parting" which dealt with a child and his mother coping with leaving each other as they were about to start their first day at school. One as a pupil, the other a teacher. Alternative endings were suggested to heighten the emotional aspect.

Chris also dealt with this week's subject in a poem which echoed the current financial situation and its instigators.

Joy's poem on "Poetic Justice" was just that! Questionning what is poetic justice and how it is acheived. It is good to see Joy like Pat beginning to write more and have faith in her writing.

Last but by no means least Alan told the tale of a young man whose ambition was to become a poet. The setting of the story was some time in the not too distant future and his application to obtain a licence to enable him to achieve his ambition. Alan explained that he had misread this weeks topic as "Poetic Licence" as opposed to "Poetic Justice".

Ian C

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  1. Excellent overview, Ian. You may have a job for life there! Well done all concerned who read - and commented. The meeting overran 15 minutes, which was not a problem. Doubtless, it could have overrun another 15 minutes easily!