Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Grotesque Shapes

Another hot day.Another Hot Pen. Yippppeeeee! cried the enthusiastic group, sharpening their quills eagerly, barely able to wait for Nik´s announcement of the chosen words. Well, it was " grotesque shapes".

It stirred many a creative brain cell and the subject matter was widely varied, as was the form. Several took place in cemeteries, gargoyles featured in others,boobs were the subject of some as was strong drink.

Included here is Glyn´s offerring, a poem,which was unusual for him to read in the group although he does actually write poetry a great deal and, since I´m writing the blog and am in a position of total power, my own offerring.


Grotesque shapes are all around,
by the by, no safety found.
I sought in nooks and crannies bare
My eyesight dim, yet dare not stare.
For if this monster tries eating me up,
I’d seek some solace in safety´s cup.
But is he so fearsome that I shiver
like a big girl’s blouse: all a-quiver?
No, he’s just a man, a human being.
My alter ego, my twin I’m seeing.
So fears the crime, not the answer
and upon his grave I’ll be a dancer.


She looked in the mirror
They really were bad
If only she´d thought a bit more.
They stuck out so far
She could poke out an eye
Or pick the lock on the toilet door.
They´d cost her a bomb
She´d hoped for results
Which would shake her old man to the core
But these grotesque shapes
Pointing both left and right
Must be dealt with by going to law.

The second half of the meeting started with a review by John McGilvray (bet I´ve got his name wrong!) of an article on pitfalls to avoid when writing poetry. This will be put on the blog later by Ian.

Not everyone was able to read, so those who didn´t will begin next time. Of those who did,

 John McGregor wrote about his mum´s driving disasters.

Glyn read part of a story which he actually wants to make a screenplay of.

Brenda, still vocally challenged after her op, had her piece read by Glyn, who bravely tried an East End accent. ( Try watching Eastenders a bit more, Glyn!).
 It was a dramatic episode from the diary part of her novel.

Jane wrote a story about a salesman with three wives who found out they were not his only true love at his funeral.

As I will be away for a few weeks, I hand the blog torch over to Ian or anyone else who feels inspired.

Chris J

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