Monday, 5 July 2010

Only Ten For Hot Pen

Ten members attended this week's meeting. Before the meeting commenced, Nik advised that it was his birthday and cakes would be provided at the break.

Before the meeting commenced Nik read out a couple of pieces dealing with writing in general. The first was entitled "Read What You Write" and were signs that had been written but obviously not read before being printed. Very humourous!! The second was a piece called "Architecture of Revision" and dealt with short story writing comparing it to building or repairing a house. Everyone could associate with the feelings expressed.

The Hot Pen word chosen was "Leave".

Rob's contribution was a piece dealing with divorce.

John McG dealt with different types of "leave".

Glyn also gave different meanings/types of leave especially in the services.

Brenda recounted the past week spent with her son who was on leave from Afghanistan.

Ian's item was piece of fiction regarding an officer leaving his men and as he takes his leave the unit is attacked.

Mary K wrote about a poem about the hot pen not working for her so she decided to "leave" it.

Mary S told of a conversation with a friend and the clutter in everyone's lives.

John M told of the reasons to leave Northern Ireland during "The Troubles".

Gerry returned to a western genre and told of a battle between cowboys and indians.

Nik contribution dealt with service leave with a piece about leave from Helmand.

Discussion took place on differing methods of writing.

After the break some of those attending read from items already prepared.

Gerry gave his version of "After The Rain" and was in the form of a report of a disaster befalling a small village.

John M Spoke of "The Importance of One" which dealt with groups of friends meeting their wives and partners.

Mary K had written a poem entitled "Times Up" dealing wwith those dreaded words when doing a hot pen.

Glyn read an excerpt from Ned's story dealing with the detail of a drill parade.

John McG provided another insight to "The Ex Files" where he told of a friend of his ex-wife and her exploits.

Hope there will be more people for next meeting.

Ian C

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  1. greetings, i am very interested in finding more information on the two articles that were read before your meeting on this 5th july 2010. Thank you!