Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Small but Hearty Band of Writers.

Twelve doughty members turned up, braving the heat and humidity.
Thank goodness Mary K was there to operate the aircon zapper so we didn´t all end up in a puddle on the floor soon to evaporate and disappear .

Nik couldn´t make the meeting so Rob took the chair. His truly fiendish mind had come up with a spelling bee of 10 words which I certainly thought were easy-peasy until I heard the correct answers and found that I only had 7 out of 10 . Oh, the shame! Ian was the only one with full marks. I think as punishment for being a Goody Two Shoes, he should write three extra blogs.

Rob also spoke about the proposed anthology for Writers Abroad, which everyone is invited to submit to. He has sent emails with details to members.

The theme for the day was Give Me the Money or It Was Too Bloody Hot.
The second one was very appropriate but in fact nobody wrote on either of the themes.

John McGregor made his first attempt at Chick Lit, and a very worthy one it was, too.

Chris J did another Swedish piece, this time about Sweden´s largest low price department store in Ullared and the concept of shopping tourism.

Mary K returned to poetry with If at First You Don´t Succeed...

Douglas read something he´d written a while ago, which stood the test of time.

John Major gave us another piece about Joe the salesman. He was advised to incorporate his Middle East experience and send Joe off to work abroad when he burns all his bridges in the UK.

Michael W gave a personal reminiscence about his father and mother. Michael has the maps his father helped to make of the French coast for the D-Day landings.

Nobody else had stuff to read but what with the spelling bee and chat/discussion in-between, time had gone.

Rob had come across an article on poetry do´s and don´ts which John McGilvray is going to review for next week.
See you all then.

Chris J

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