Friday, 9 July 2010

A Historic Day!!!!!!!

At Wednesday´s meeting, for the first time, the ratio of men to women underwent a dramatic change. Ladies!! We now have one and a bit bloke each!!!
OK, so they weren´t in naval uniform but still.......

I digress.

Nik was not present so Rob led the meeting, which, as usual, proved to be very pleasant and useful.
The day´s topic was " Sexual Awareness in Teen Years" but most people avoided that and came up with their own subjects.

Stan wrote a reminiscence about a teacher they called Quickfire Tex. His name was Mr Ritter and the kids linked his dexterity with the cane to their cowboy hero, quick on the draw Tex Ritter of cinema fame.

John McG is a newbie who used to belong back in the days of the Lo Monte. He is back again and delighted us all with three poems.He uses wordplay a great deal and his poem about marriage was likened to a battlefield with "haraguegrenades" being hurled in anger.

Gerry gave us a spin-off from the previous week´s hot pen - Incident at Eagles´ Bluff - describing a soldier surrounded by hostile indians who is very angry at the poor leadership which has placed him in that position.

John Major gave us one of a series of shorter pieces he is thinking of weaving together into a novel. It tells of a man who, having lied to his wife about where he´s going, ends up in court after drink-driving. The court was described as " a spectrum of Dublin society from tattoos to toupees". Nice phrase!

Michael W described the only time he has been propositioned ( his claim!). And it all came from the poor English of the Italian chambermaid at a hotel he was staying at in his youth. She tried to ask him if he wanted her to turn down the sheets but it came out as " Do you want me open the bed?", and John, Bless his cotton jimjams, thought she meant "upon" the bed, and got all excited and embarrassed.

Jenny had started a piece which she originally intended to be flash fiction but it became bigger and maybe will be a novel. Go for it, Jenny!

Chris wrote a sexual awareness as a teen poem. It was quite short as she wasn´t very aware at all at that point in her life!

Mary K wrote about the footie and Wimbledon, especially Raffe, who couldn´t seem to keep his hands off his bottom:
"He´s been pulling and tugging the whole match long
That´s what you get for wearing a thong."

Ian gave us a brilliant piece he´d read once before. Two girls are talking about the previous night´s action.
The one describes how her date was all over her.
"Didn´t you say anything?"
"He had his tongue in my mouth."

Douglas` " The Assignation" described a man in a park.

Glyn continued his saga of Ned trying to cope with army life - this time his hopeless performance marching in time.

Christina hadn´t actually written anything for the day´s meeting but managed to pen a limerick about Seville during the meeting.

And so ended another Wednesday´s deliberations.

Chris J

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