Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Book Review

The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah
Where on earth has this author been hiding? The good news is that since The Murder Wall was published in April, 2012 she has four more books for her ace investigator, Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels, to show how very good she really is.
Okay back to the story. Saint Camillus would not have liked it. Victims already slaughtered and a trail to be followed within a page or two.
I was hooked before the end of the first paragraph. I loved the writing. I loved the way the characters were fleshed out as the stories were developed. I felt that I was living with Kate, sitting on her shoulder watching her fellow detectives doing the right thing or maybe 'cocking-it-up' and living with the story as the various plots emerged. Of course, there has to be some that are there to irritate, and one maybe I would have liked to have 'kicked in the balls', but that is what good writers can achieve.
Oh yes, people die, but I am not going to go into that; you can do that yourself. What I will say is that the intrigue Mari creates within the team, the personal relationships that are there and sometimes could be there, and of course throw in the personal elements in the life of DCI Kate Daniels. There is more to this story that is in excess of the usual. It is set in the north of England and this book has a very good relationship with that area. I do like to know where a story belongs.
This is a book written with care, with love, and an understanding of both, with ample empathy and sympathy, but it is(about the all consuming urge for revenge), unpleasant deaths, savoured by the killer.The search for a killer who has a reason to go on and on until....
If you call yourself a reader of crime then it is a must read and with four more to follow you are in for lots of treats.

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